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As reminder, Ji An was excellent at the 30 000 dollars assignment given by Ms No when Ji An thought she was Eun Seok.The assigment was to spend 30 000 dollars in a day.Another episode it made it sound like they never checked with police.He said and the translation said maybe I should have gone to police but we thought her parents didn’t want her where we found her.

And she did that to perfection and Ms No was delighted. A beautiful comeback for PSH from all that nonsense. I wil truly miss this drama and plan to watch it over again. The show has a huge amount of heart and the cast really appear to be having fun. I love her so much since "Five children" and the very first drama I have ever watched was with Park Si-Ho "The princess's man" - and deep down inside, I thought it is a perfect come back for him after those false accusations he had that kept him away from dramaland. I hope Ji Su’s boyfriend hears what goes on and didn’t quite leave. There's no point in doing a romance drama and the main couple takes 40 episodes pushing each other away and then they're only a couple for 5 episodes and in that time theyre battling their disapproving families Ju Vi I can love the character and root for them and not trust everything they say. I feel she and he really connected even better than this drama partner and it was award winning this time around. I really love this drama because of the storyline is great,actors are doing their role perfectly,the songs and the background music.. I have been a fan of PSH since the drama about a neighbor and CH Alice. The writing is superb and I am happy that they won awards. I’m a retired schoolteacher and Weekends are my favorite time of the week. The writer gave us DK and JA shippers some respite in ep 44 and the chemistry was just awesome.. I have very few drama that have create this effect on people and I am so please that Park Si-Ho and Shin Hae-Sung were the two leads. Love the rich dad is done without trying to please and just taking up space. Can’t wait for the upload so I can watch without interruption. I hope Soo A attitude changes and wants to raise her baby with her husband. Korean writers need to get to the point a bit quicker. Those are all the things she would have benefited from that her current family could not make happen out of thin air. I do think she should have won a couple award in her five children drama as well. I think this is the best drama that tells us about life!!Even if she knows that some people will be looking down at her for cutting woods, she does not care anymore because she has finally decided to live her dream of being a designer, of doing something related to her passion, art. She is building her own path to happiness and she expect no more social validation because at the end of the day she wants to be happy when she looks in the mirror.Ji Soo is learning that in life there are times when your freedom is taken away from you.

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2 thumbs up for all the actors, the screen writer, the director & the producer. Worth watching it even for the 2nd time once it's ended. At this point I don't ever see Do Kyung & Ji An together. I hate the kidnapper mom character but the actress playing her is awesome. I really want how the end gonna be..i will give 10 /10 stars for this!! Of action the episode I thought I was seeing fast and furious, very good team like the musketeers and now what the grandfather will do because he does not see it easy with this group, he was afraid to face the owner of the house, that means he has weaknesses. As Ji Tae was not a big help in the family, as usual she quickly tried to resolve problems, to rescue Ji So. Why are you in denial about Ji An joining the HAESUNG for money and status??

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