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I want to use two cameras at once "I would like to merge two web camera feeds in a single feed over Skype. Note the sub-source can from file, screen and another webcam.

For example: I would like to have the other person see my face and a document at the same time on a single screen. You can also drag the sub-video on the main preview window to adjust its position and size.

How to create your own scene effects with Magic Camera.

"I have successfully created a scene effect with an alpha mask contained within a bmp file to allow for partial transparency of my image.

When I play a file, there is a "Webcam effects made by Magic Camera" watermark on the video. Magic Camera will return back to the un-registered status.You can find many free swf video converter tools from Internet.We will make Magic Camera support all other video formats in the future release. Use Picture in Picture feature of Magic Camera to make this effect.Select 640*480 resolution or any resolution you prefer.This is the input resolution of Magic Camera that your real webcam can support.

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Number of receiver fill in international format without " ", receiver has to set MMS center SMSmidlet (min.

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