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Sw model 19 dating

S/N: N301xxx, so I assume it's in the same general ballpark?

At the bottom-front of the ship strutted a targeting sensor mast, which contained a targeting sensor and active-tracking array.

1980 The 29-3 was brought out in 1982 after the cylinder counterbore and pinned barrel were eliminated 30th Blue Book shows 0/100% and 0/98% for 29-2 6.5 inch barrel may bring a premium even though 6" is more scarce according to Standard Catalog Are these prices similar to a nickel finished 8 3/8" M29?

I'm guessing the nickel would pull a slight premium over blued, but not sure how much.

Other turrets included a remotely operated dorsal turret of similar firepower to the EM-1919 paired repeating laser cannons installed on the ball turrets, two remote-linked cannon arrays at the rear of the vessel, two forward laser canons, and two more laser canons, one on the tip of each stabilizer foil.

As a bomber, the MG-100 Starfortress was slow and ungainly, making it prone for starfighter attack.

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The bombs would then be drawn magnetically to their targets.

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