Stars in their eyes dating sites

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Stars in their eyes dating sites

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The presenters never worked for me either along at least Kelly had the decency to present it all with the campness it deserved; Cat Deeley wouldn't really know charisma if it fell on her and she presents everything with the same stuck expression and approach.

I suppose I can at least take heart from the fact that her career will fade with her youth (god speed).

Anyways, famous for the "tonight Matthew/Leslie/Cat I'll be..." catchphrase this show takes people who sound like singing stars, make them look a bit more like those stars and give them the stage in a competition, then the public vote for the best.

Although they try to look like the star, the whole show is about how much like the star they sound – so attacking it for the looks is a moot point (although they often are poor visual impressions).

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