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Challenge the enemy, the sky, and YOURSELF with this extraordinary simulation. OTHMOOOM AT*ia «Hii E IBM l Atiav Mm AUi CA 3nve at first write, New! Commodore 64* and 128™ owners, meet the personal printer of your dreams. And it's got everything you've been looking for in a printer. The OKIDATA 1 20 is built for long-term relationships. Com- modore has traditionally been quite strong in European markets, and has, in the past, been criticized for pushing products in Europe vigor- ously while soft selling their intro- duction in the U. With Amiga, Commodore apparently reversed the emphasis, and therefore only now is able to begin to draw on its reputation and sales in Europe after a slower than desired U. Perhaps the newly introduced Apple Il GS will assist the Amiga, al- beit in a convoluted way, by in- creasing interest in the market while helping highlight the signifi- cance of many of the Amiga features. We have already scheduled several outstanding programs — utilities, games, and educational programs.

The cockpit instrumentation is elaborate: the maps, stores and damage displays are extensive; alt flying maneuvers are fully accurate. and key- board overlay complete the package, See your software dealer today and become a part of the CUN- : SHIP adventure! Atari ST and Amiga at Si9,95, Call or write for specific niacnine avaitablltty, and for MC/VISA orders if product not fount) locally. Amiga sales, especially with the advent of internadonal markedng, are show- ing continued improvement. We continue to hope that Commodore will retarget the Amiga, or perhaps an Amiga- equivalent machine, at price points more system-competitive with the ST. As re- flected in responses from you, our readers, we think we're providing the best coverage available for Commodore computers in each is- sue; 1987 will be no exception.

Lock Senior Editor Richard Mansfield Managing Editor Kathleen Martinek Executive Editor Selby Bateman Editor Lance Elko Assistant Editor Rhett Anderson Production Director Tony Roberts Editors Tom R. Foreign Air Mail , The co MPUTtf s GAZETTE Subscriber list is made available to carefully screened organizations with a product or service which may be of'^ interest to our readers. Include a note in- dicating your preference to receive only your subscrip Kon.

Halfhill, Editor, COMPUTER'S Atari ST Disk & Magazine; Stephen Levy, Editor, COMPUTE! Cowper, Technical Editor Assistant Editors Gregg Keizer, Ann Davies (Books); George Miller, Dale Mc Bane, (Technical); Philip Nelson (COMPUTE! Savine Promotion Caroline Dark, Promotion Assistant Advertising Saies Richard J, Marino, Vice President, Advertising Sales; Peter Johnsmeyer, Director of Advertising Sales; Bernard J. Station, New York, NY 10150 Telephone: (In NY) 212-887-8525; (! S.) Toll free 1-800-346-6767 Office Hours: AM to PM Monday-Friday Subscription Orders COMPUTEI's GAZETTE P. Box 10957, Des Moines, l A 50340 TOLL FREE Subscription Order Line 1-800'247-5470 In l A 1-800-532-1272 COMPUTEI'S GAZETTE Subscription Rates (12 Issue Year)! If you prefer not to receive such mailings, please send an exact copy of your subscription label to: computei's GAZETTE, P. Authors of manuscripts warrant that all materials submitted to co Mru TE' s G,v/ETTE are original materials with full ownership rights resident in said authors.

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An Introduction To Compilers Find out how these powerful utilities can make your BASIC programs run at nearly the speed of machine language. A Remarkable Success Story The continuing popularity of the Commodore 64 — as shown most recently in healthy sales of the 64C computer — is a remarkable success story that's now approaching its fifth anniversary.COt^fl PANY 4517 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21214 COMPUTE!Publicationsjnc® Publisher James A, Casella Founder/Editor in Chief Robert C.Where programs are included in an article submission, a tape or disk must accompany the submission. Articles should be furnished as typed copy (upper and lowercase, please) with double spacing.Each article page should bear the title of the article, date, and name of the author.

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PET, C3M, Vl C-20, Commodore 64, Plus/4, 16, and 128 are trade- marks of Commodore Business Machines, Inc., and/or Com- modore Electronics Limited, Other than as an independent supplier of quality information and services to owners and users of Com- modore products, COMPUTEI Publications, Inc., is in no way asso- ciated with Commodore Business Machines, Inc., or any of its subsidiaries. From the author of Flight Simulator II comes a new dimension in realism.