Dating tips flowers

Posted by / 17-Sep-2016 05:48

To stop you from committing a Valentine’s disaster, we’ve asked some top florists for some good advice on the most popular Valentine’s flowers – what they say and the sort of lady to buy them for. If you’re the sort of bloke who doesn’t know what these look like, chances are you’re in trouble this Valentine’s either way. Don’t go OTT though – send two-dozen of these to a new/prospective girlfriend might send her running.

The Florist’s Opinion: “Lisianthus flowers are utterly romantic,” says Sara Gordon, from Bloom and Wild.

At First Sight: An explosion of flowery loveliness, with their upright petals and hanging sepals known as “falls”.

What They Say: Faith, wisdom and valour (they also symbolise royalty, if you happened to be hooked up with an actual princess).

Include dark red (meaning beauty), purple (majesty) and pink (admiration).

At First Sight: A spike of intensely coloured blossoms.

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