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Dating site in middle east

The Israeli intelligence services are far too sophisticated to ever fall for a fake news story such as the Mossad kidnap text, said Ben Nimmo, an information defence Fellow with the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab.

Recently divulged US intelligence appears to back up Qatar’s allegation the story was planted by its regional rivals: officials believe that senior members of the UAE’s government discussed the planned hacks on 23 May, the day before they occurred, and either carried out the cyber attack themselves or used a third party. S.-Saudi relationship has come under intensified public scrutiny in the United States.One of the many issues that have been thrust to the fore is the status of American women married to Saudis and of the dual-national children of failed marriages.While the language of the supposed news alert – not wholly written in a dry news tone, and missing several elements of a typical news story – was an obvious fake to anyone with media literacy, the content is worrying.It’s not clear how many people received it, whether there’s an identifying strand between the recipients of occupation, class, geography – and perhaps most alarmingly, where it came from.

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But what we may be seeing, given recent events, is the emergence of fake news tactics which are not just aimed at sowing confusion and distrust among populations, but influencing events on a state level.

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