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Thus, during Agathocles' expedition, which landed at Cape Bon in 310 BC, Tunis changed hands on various occasions.

and that its population was mainly composed of peasants, fishermen, and craftsmen.

Both Tunis and Carthage were destroyed; Tunis, however, was rebuilt first The medina of Tunis, the oldest section of the city, dates from this period, during which the region was conquered by Arab troops led by the Ghassanid general Hasan ibn al-Nu'man.

The city had the natural advantage of coastal access, via the Mediterranean, to the major ports of southern Europe.

The governor appointed by Béjaïa, having reestablished order in the country, did not hesitate to free himself from the Hammadids to found the Khurasanid dynasty with Tunis as its capital.Further east by the sea lie the suburbs of Carthage, La Marsa, and Sidi Bou Said.As the capital city of the country, Tunis is the focus of Tunisian political and administrative life; it is also the centre of the country's commercial activity.While there are a few ancient translations of Punic texts into Greek and Latin, as well as inscriptions on monuments and buildings discovered in North Africa, the main sources are Greek and Roman historians, including Livy, Polybius, Appian, Cornelius Nepos, Silius Italicus, Plutarch, Dio Cassius, and Herodotus.These writers belonged to peoples in competition, and often in conflict, with Carthage.

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Having previously played a minor role behind Kairouan and Mahdia, Tunis was promoted to the rank of provincial capital.

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